Our Program

At Boulder Young Chautauqua, students pick a character from history to portray. From January to May, they research their character, write a first person monologue, memorize their monologue, and finally perform their monologue. Young Chautauqua helps students develop skills in the areas of research, synthesizing data, creative writing, critical thinking, public speaking, and performance. Students also learn about history through their character's eyes. 

Due to the pandemic, the majority of our meetings will be taking place online, starting on January 5th. Hopefully, we will have a few socially distanced meetings in the Spring! We have one virtual year of YC under our belts, and we’re confident that we can bring YC to Zoom without losing what makes this program fun and special. This, of course, includes improv games with Casey and sessions with our fantastic coach Susan Marie Frontczak. As always, we are incredibly grateful to the amazing program Colorado Humanities, whose support makes Boulder Young Chautauqua's continuation possible.

Please see our Videos & Photo Gallery for examples of Young Chautauqua performances, and our FAQs and Overview of a YC Project for more information. We're happy to answer any other questions you have about the Young Chautauqua program. You can reach us from the Contact Us page. We hope to see you at our meetings!


At Boulder Young Chautauqua, we dance with history!

Artwork by Alexander Zavorotny

Meet Our Staff

Melanie Rosenberg: Director

Melanie was in Boulder Young Chautauqua for seven years, two of them as student leader, before becoming the program’s Director in 2019. She is currently working towards her Bachelor’s degree in creative writing, and is Vice President of her college’s writing club, and so brings a unique set of skills to the table as a leader and mentor. As Director, Melanie facilitates all meetings and helps prepare students for their performances.

Jane Rosenberg: Administrator

Jane is a homeschooling mom and like the rest of her family, is involved in the running of the Boulder Young Chautauqua program. As an administrator, she finds performance venues/audiences and helps out behind the scenes. 

Casey Rosenberg: Assistant Director

In addition to participating in her seventh year of Boulder Young Chautauqua, Casey has stepped up to become the program’s Assistant Director. Casey is in charge of leading students in acting games, corresponding with parents, and recruiting new Young Chautauqua students. She is currently an unschooling high school junior, and has a business as a balloon artist.

Chris Jensen: Administrator

Chris directed Boulder Young Chautauqua from 2008 - 2018 staying long after her children left the program, before stepping back to become an administrator. She is currently a consultant for Boulder Young Chautauqua, coordinates with our sponsor Colorado Humanities, and provided the original drafts of the information found on our website.